Postumia Caves and Predjama Castle

Groups on request
Departure: All days
Price: € 95,00 per person


Get ready to enter another world. A train will take you to the entrance of the most important karst caves in Europe and, from there, the guided tour will start which will take you to discover five kilometers of salt, tunnels and galleries where stalactites, stalagmites and “columns” reign supreme.

Specimens up to five meters tall that were formed over millions of years.
And then, in the Vivarium, you will get to know the so-called “human fish”, the inhabitant of the karst underground: the Proteus, the small invertebrate that can live for up to a century and which has perfectly adapted to the dark.

Get ready to face a spectacular journey and listen to the fascinating story of its long formation.
Anyone, adult or child, will be enchanted. It is no coincidence that the Postumia Cave has already welcomed more than 35 million visitors

Predjama Castle

The picturesque, powerful, provocative, mysterious and impregnable Castle, set in a vertical wall, 123 meters high, has reigned there for over 800 years.
The idyllic Lokva stream which, below the castle, disappears into the underground depths contributes to its romantic appearance. The most famous inhabitant of the Castle was certainly the knight Erasmus of Predjama, about whom numerous legends still hover today.
Erasmus Castle (or Predjama) is located in Slovenia under the slope of the Podgora side, it is one of the most extraordinary wonders in human history and is located just 10 kilometers from the Postumia Cave.
For over 700 years, the defensive structure has been set in the rock, 123 meters high, and was the secret home of the daredevil knight Erasmus of Predjama with his legends and mysterious secrets
which suffered a siege here in 1484 (legend tells of the daring means used for its capture).
In 1570 the Kobenzl family, who succeeded the Luegers, added the Renaissance external buildings, leaning against the rock; their coat of arms is clearly visible on one wall.
This is an eagle’s nest, admirably set in a cave overlooking the karst sinkhole of the Lokva stream, an ascetic work of art of medieval inventiveness, courage, ingenuity and the rebellious soul that characterized those times.
It is a unique monument that completely amalgamates the millenary creation of nature and the sudden flash of genius of the human mind in times of distress and danger. It is the symbol of the extreme way in which the existence of the Middle Ages was lived
In the Castle you can visit a collection of original objects, including weapons and armour. The best equipped room is that of the knight, in the dining room you can discover court life in the late Gothic era, while in the Renaissance room on the third floor there is an exhibition of hunting trophies of the last owner of the Castle, Prince Windisch – Graetz.

Price: € 95 per person (with a minimum of 6 participants)

What is included:
private transfer from Trieste (pick up at your hotel on request)
entry into Predjama Castle with audio guides
the driver
limited seats
Group quotations on request

  • Validity document valid for Schengen area countries
  • To cover approximately 1.2 km on foo
  • Departure time 08:45
  • Return 3.30pm
  • The temperature in the Caves is 10°C
  • Suitable clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • Departures in front of the Tramway Tour agency Piazza Dalmazia 1/d
  • Groups on request
  • limited seats
  • Private transfer a/r
  • Entrance ticket to the Caves and Predjama Castle included
  • Live guide in Italian, Slovenian, English, French and German in the Caves + audio guide in the Castle
  • The driver
  • For the Christmas period the largest underground living nativity scene in the world
  • Audio guides for the following languages: French, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean in the caves

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