Giant Cave and Osmiza

Groups on request
Departure: All days
Price: € 72,00 per person


Our day starts at 9:00 in front of our agency. With a short journey we reach Borgo Grotta Gigante where at 10:00 we begin with the guided tour.
Here an exciting reality awaits you where tourism, environment and scientific research mix. Here nature shows itself in shapes and colors of rare beauty and science hides beneath the earth’s surface to better study our planet. The cave is one of the most interesting tourist sites in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and in the province of Trieste, a multicultural city due to its historical and geographical characteristics, which every year attracts numerous tourists and scientists from all over the world. OEvery year more than 90,000 visitors savor a unique experience in our cave capable of giving indelible memories.
Grotta Gigante owes its name to the imposing dimensions of the cave; it is in fact the tourist cave with the largest room in the world. The large cavern, the main room of the cave, has a volume of 365,00 cubic meters and measures 98.5 meters in maximum height, 167.60 meters in length and 76.30 meters in width..
The visit to the Giant Cave lasts 1 hour and is carried out with specialized guides who accompany visitors through the 850 meter long route, descending 100 meters below the earth’s surface. The temperature is a constant +11°C. It is open all year round and inside the visitor center you can visit the Speleological Scientific Museum for free, where there is also a station available to take a virtual tour of the Cave reserved for both the disabled and those with mobility difficulties.
Once the visit is over it will be snack time. What is the best place to fill the hunger of the “osmiza” experience?
Let’s start by telling you that they are neither restaurants nor farmhouses but are places where local wines (Terrano, Vitovska, Malvasia) and typical products (eggs, sausages, salami and cheeses) are sold and consumed directly in the farmers’ cellars who produce them. Osmiza or osmica in Slovenian is a tradition that dates back to the time of Maria Theresa of Austria: in 1784 farmers were authorized to sell wines and foods produced by them directly in their cellars. The sales permit lasted for periods of eight consecutive days (hence the word osmiza since in Slovenian eight is osem) or multiples of eight throughout the year. It was up to the farmers to define times and prices.

Open osmizas are still marked with a branch in plain sight along the road and on the house where the osmiza is located.

Price €72 per person (with a minimum of 4 participants)

What is included
private transfer from Trieste (contact us for pick-up from your hotel)
entrance and guided tour of the Giant Cave
tasting of sausages at the Osmica

bring suitable clothing (the temperature in the caves is a constant 11°C)
shoes suitable for walking
inform us of any food intolerance

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